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We specialize in catering clambakes for private and corporate groups of any size and location. (Large corporate events are our lobster and butter, so to speak.) With over 35 years of experience in outdoor catering, we can plan and deliver your next clambake, barbecue, steak fry, seafood raw bar, or box lunches. We can arrange everything: the food, cooking equipment, plates, beverages, servers, and even a tent or canopy. If you're planning a wedding, rehersal dinner, family gathering, or corporate outing, your guests will love the chance to sample traditional New England seafood.

If you're outside New England, we'll pack a clambake, lobsters, seafood, or just lobsters, or just quahogs, or stuffies, into a special metal container and ship it to you air freight. Then, all you'll have to do is heat it up in your oven. Let us ship:

Classic Clambake Process

Here's a bit of history: back in the old days... They started a clambake by digging a big pit and lining it with stones. Next morning, they built a huge fire, and when it burned down to coals, they raked the embers out and put in alternate layers of damp seaweed and fresh food: lobsters, quahogs, fish, potatoes, and corn on the cob. Then, they covered the whole feast with a piece of canvas sail and let the heat from the rocks, and the steam from the seaweed, cook everything to perfection. If you want to dig the pit and build the fire and layer everything just right, we'll send you the seafood (and the seaweed), but take it from us, it's a lot easier just to put the container we send you in your oven.